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Different Materials For Windows And Doors

Houses are made to serve different purposes. Whether it’s to live in or to store things, doors and windows are crucial. The doors serve as access to and from the house while Windows primarily serve the purpose of ventilation. The number of doors and windows that a house can have depends on many factors. Some houses have only one door and one window, while other houses have up to hundreds of them depending on the purpose of that particular house, and the financial capacity of the owner. Windows and doors can be made of various materials. The upvc windows and doors are some of the most popular types. Below are some of the materials commonly used;



red windowWooden doors and windows are the most common types. Wood is the cheapest and most locally available material in most places on the planet. There are many benefits of wood when used to construct houses. Wood is a poor conductor of heat, therefore, serves to keep the house warm. It avoids excessive heat loss from the house. Wood also contributes to noise apartment in the house.

There are however different categories of wood. Timber is not standard. It is classified into soft woods like podo, medium, and hardwoods like mahogany. The harder the wood, the better for a house. Hardwoods are more secure and durable than soft and medium woods.


Metal is the most secure material. Metal is more compatible with technology and its dynamicity than wood. Metallic doors and windows have been modified and customized to suit specific needs. There is a wide array of metals that are used as a material for doors and windows. This ranges from iron, which is the most common and preferred, aluminum, and copper. Metals have their unique characteristics that make them suitable or not for construction materials. Some of the desirable characteristics are malleability, ductility, conductivity for both heat and electricity, hardness, and reactivity to the different climatic conditions as exposed.

upVC doors and windows

windowThanks to the dynamicity in technology, metallic doors and windows have been modifying to suit certain needs perfectly. They have been used to solve many puzzles as far as the environments inside of houses are concerned. This has been significantly shown through the upVC windows and doors.upVC windows and doors are fitted with unique materials and accessories to ensure maximum security, ease of use and as well minimize excessive heat loss from the house. The upVC doors and windows have helped cut down electricity bill due to temperature control measures.

There are different materials used in construction. The best material that suits your needs should be considered. upVC windows and doors are the best for some bit of luxury!