Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks for Kitchen Refurbishment

Are you thinking of having a new kitchen fitted? Then kitchen splashbacks might be your solution. It is not such an easy task because you would have to keep in mind what wall coverings would compliment with the units. You would then end up copying the display kitchen in the kitchen showroom and then wish if you could innovate it a little using your imagination.

Acrylic kitchen splashbacks can be a great practical addition to your homes owing to the reason that they are contemporary in style, easy to install and maintain and also very hygienic because they do not have gaps for food or germs to breed. They are durable.

Advantages of using acrylic kitchen splashbacks

1. Improves the look of your kitchen

Installing acrylic kitchen splashbacks can totally transform the look of your kitchen splashbackskitchen. First of all, acrylic had a wonderful shine and luster. The customers also have the flexibility to choose from many colors, thicknesses, and sizes to compliment the rest of the kitchen.

They offer a high gloss, stylish appearance to the kitchen which would impress the guests arriving at your homes. Apart from that, it is very highly resistant to scratches and marks due to which it lasts for years.

2. Easy installation and maintenance

Installing the acrylic kitchen splashbacks is a pretty easy process. The task can be completed by using screws, wall panel adhesives and pads of not more than 300mm. But before that, you must measure the width and height of the area you are going to fit the splash back in.

If you install it behind your stove, it is recommended that you keep a safe distance from the splashback because it is proximal to gas jets and electric heating elements. To prevent any warping or melting, it is advisable that you maintain a gap of 9-10 cm between the acrylic splashback and heat source. Another space must be maintained between the panel and work surface for sealing later.

The size of acrylic is very less than glass, so it can easily be carried and done by a single person, while glass would require at least two people for the same size sheet. Moreover, acrylic is much stronger than glass. The maintainance of these acrylic splashbacks is easy as it can be cleaned with a wet cloth simply. The easy installation and maintaining are one of the major advantages of using an acrylic kitchen splashbacks.

3. Low costkitchen splashbacks

Another advantage of using acrylic kitchen splashbacks is the low cost of acrylic. It costs much less than glass. Since it is more flexible and lightly handled than glass, so the shipping and cutting process can be carried out easy.

Due to this reason, the price of acrylic is low. If you want other modifications to be done or add power point holes in the acrylic, you would have to pay a little more. Besides that, there is hardly any chance of breaking or chipping of acrylic.