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How to Take Down a Dangerous Tree

Trees as so important that certain countries have enacted pieces of legislation that prevent their wanton destruction. Scientists have listed tree cutting as one of the human activities that are contributing to climate change. It is also important to mention that birds call these trees home!

Based on the arguments raised above, the importance of trees cannot be overemphasized. However, some trees are always hanging dangerously. It is important that such trees are brought down before wind sends them crushing resulting in injuries and losses.

Chop Off the Branches

It is highly recommended that you use a cherry picker. The branches/limbs are chopped off when standing in the cherry picker’s bucket. Avoid using ropes since they can quickly snap. Secondly, when ropes are used, your movement is normally limited since you have to support both your body and the power saw. Once the limbs/branches have fallen, shred them into smaller pieces. These pieces can be used as firewood.

tree trimming man

Remove the Tree Crown

When you have chopped off the branches, now strategize on how to remove the tree crown. Loop the ropes around the tree trunk in such a way that when the crown is cut off, it will slide on the ropes to the ground. The importance of this is that you will be able to guide the tree where to fall in the process reducing the damage to both the house and the pavement. When sawing off the tree trunk, always stand on the side of the tree and not in front or at the back. This reduces the chances of the crown falling on you.

Cut Off the Remaining Trunk

With limbs and crown dispensed off with, the cherry picker can now be moved. Depending on where the tree was, cutting off the remaining trunk can equally be dangerous. Experts recommend that the trunk is felled in slices. This ensures that the trunk fells in small pieces.

Grind the Stump Away

tree fellingWhen leveling the stump, you can either use a stump grinder or chainsaw. The tool used should be able to chew the stump as deep as 10 inches in the ground. Alternatively, you can let the stump remain since it can form part of the beautification of the home. This can be done on the advice given by your landscaper. The stump takes a very long period to decay.

Avoid breaking the bank for an exercise that would cost you less money. Rather than use the felled trees for landfilling or fire, explore other uses. Engage a sawyer who will cut and chop the trees on site. This saves the money that would have been incurred hauling the logs to his workshop. The labor costs incurred in chopping the trees into logs for fire are reduced significantly. The logs can also be dried and used for flooring, fencing, furniture and making other pieces of items in the home.